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How to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February

Rainbow coloured umbrellas open and hanging below blue sky

Share spontaneously and smile widely 🙂

I remember with great warmth the time a person offered me their unused train ticket as I landed back in Berlin, broke and disheartened by the grey weather. But then my day was turned around by this random act of kindness. 

Or when sitting on the plane, writing this blog, and the kid next to me offered me some of their snack. “That’s so thoughtful”, I mused and smiled at the kind gesture. Again, another random act of kindness, not particularly huge but its impact felt so genuinely; I was excited for the opportunity when I could surprise a stranger with a voluntary offering of a snack. 

Why Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February is born out of a desire to create a kinder, more compassionate world, where kindness always wins and goodness triumphs. You may be familiar with the “pay it forward” mentality, where instead of returning a kind gesture or favour, you pay it forward by sharing with another person. In this way spreading kindness and love, which is not only good for others but also our The Gift of Giving“>own well-being.

Today, 17 February, celebrates and encourages more of these spontaneous and heartfelt gestures. Why not celebrate the day, on any day, with some random acts that can brighten a person, a pet or the planet’s day. Here we have some ideas:

Random acts of kindness for people

  • Bake some banana bread to share with a neighbour
  • Ask how the cashier’s day is going
  • Share a smile (and become a smile millionnaire by World Smile Day on 6 Oct 2023)
  • Buy a coffee or lunch voucher for someone behind you in a cafe queue
  • Offer to help someone carry their heavy suitcase up the stairs at a train station
  • Adopt a grandparent. Search for your nearest nursing home and find out who doesn’t get visitors, offer to visit them or read to them
  • Plant some flower seeds and leave the plants out for neighbours to help themselves.
Plant potential: what wonderful joy growing flowers could bring to a neighbour.

Random acts of kindness for pets

  • Offer to walk a friend or neighbour’s dog
  • Leave a basket of balls at the dog park
  • Buy a new pet toy for a friend or neighbour’s pet
  • Make a ball snack tray for your pet.
A muffine tray with snacks and colourful balls in each cup being inspected by a German Shepherd dog.
Make a ball snack tray for your dog with a muffin tray, variety of little snacks in each cup topped with balls galore.

Random acts of kindness for planet

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Plant wildflowers for the bees and butterflies
  • Plant a tree in the shade of which you may never sit
  • Donate to an environmental charity.
Spontaneous sprouting or guerilla gardening? Either way, a floral fiesta.
Wild flowers help support our bees and butterflies.

We would love to hear from you, did you receive a spontaneous or unexpected gift recently? Or have a suggestion for spreading kindness in the world? Comment below.