Health is the greatest gift, so you’re in the right place…

What to gift instead of sweet treats and fine wine?

Small grocery store with fruit and veggies outside illuminated at night with person working into the store

The best healthy gift guide for gifting food items and beverage

When time is limited and convenience a necessity, a selection of glucose-rich treats or a bottle of fizz naturally seem the easiest solution to gift. Think not! We’re here to shake up those go-to gift ideas with some wholesome, tasty alternatives.

Here are some creative ideas for gifting when time is short, and your local grocer the only place open. Swap the sugar for a wellness gift, with:

Festive fruit – Nature’s sweeties make for a fun and healthier sweet treat. A pineapple, selection of berries or watermelon spring to mind. Dress them up in some ribbons, or pop in a cute basket, and they’ll undoubtedly be enjoyed.

Bloomin’ good times – While perhaps a cliché gift, flowers suit all occasions and moods. If the person on the receiving end loves a bit of gardening, why not switch up a bouquet for a potted plant or flower seeds.

Blueberries, lemon peel sunflower and purple dahlia

Get saucy – Aioli, chipotle, balsamic glaze, kimchi ketchup or a tangy mustard; the landscape for sauces is full, flowing and accommodating to all tastebuds. Sauces, vinegars and oils make for a great present. Play it safe with an extra virgin olive oil or splash out on something you know they’ll love.

Go nuts – For nuts. Full of fibre and healthy fat crunch, nuts are a delightful alternative to sugary sweets. Leaning into the healthier side, stick to au natural and unsalted.

Make it spicy – We all have one of them, a friend, family member or colleague who goes mad for that tongue-tingling burn of chilli and spice. Spice blends, spicy sauces and chilli oils will burn with delight.

Glass bottle of truffle hot sauce with black label
dhot Black Truffle Hot Sauce

Bubbles of fun – Hydration with a sparkle; in my experience sparkling water is always appreciated at, or after, a party. Step it up a level with a fancy brand or glass bottle option. Pop a bow on it, and voila – a hydrating, healthy gift. 

Three colourful DASH water cans being held by a persons hands
DASH Water – Wonky Fruit Infused Sparkling Water

Tasty teas – A delightful start to the day, end to a meal or afternoon interlude. Tea is a resplendent gift with so many options to share; from herbal blends and pretty potions, to tried and trusted home staples. We think tea is always welcome.

There you have it, our ultimate gift guide for healthy food and beverage gifts. So good you can even find them at your local grocer. Swap the sugar for spice, to keep it wholesome and nice, and share a wholesome wellness gift.