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Top Yoga Mats for Beginners – Healthy Gifts Selects

Two rolled up yoga mats one dark brown and one red, side by side

Budget-friendly to high-end options suitable for all flexibilities

Having recently invested in home workout goodies, I was overwhelmed by the breadth of mat options – for essentially a rectangular piece of plastic?

Well let me share, this rectangular piece of material, comes in a vast array of qualities. And the quality of this piece of material can have a great impact on the quality of your workout.

My advice is to go for a thin material with good grip, similar to what you might find provided at a local yoga studio. If you’ve ever spent half of your floor-based workout unravelling an overzealous, not-so-flexi mat, you might understand these sentiments.

The type of material is also something to consider. If you have any allergies, consider choosing a hypo-allergenic option such as cork. If you need extra support, look out for thicker mats which provide extra cushioning.

Three recommendations to suit most wallet sizes:

4mm Yoga Mat by Reebok


Black yoga mat with Reebok logo in the right corner

Flow Yoga Mat by Sweaty Betty


Green and dark blue rolled up exercise mat

Balance Series Cork Yoga Mat by Cork Space


Finding the perfect yoga mat as a beginner can make all the difference. The right mat provides comfort, stability, and support to help you embark on your exercise journey with confidence. Whether you choose a lightweight, eco-friendly option or a thicker, cushioned mat, the key is to prioritise your own unique needs and preferences.

With the right yoga mat by your side, you’ll be well on your way to discovering the countless physical and mental benefits of this mind-body practice. Roll out your mat, take a deep breath, and enjoy your yoga or exercise journey.