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Top 5 Activities to Support Earth Day

Waxy green leaf plant with water droplets on the leaves

22 April is Earth Day and this year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet”. With that idea in mind, we’ve put together some sound investment options to support this globe called home – Earth:

1. Invest time

Volunteer with a local climate activism group and/or pick up and discard litter whilst out walking or at the beach.

2. Invest energy

More specifically, invest in converting to energy-saving devices and light sources. LED light bulbs are the most energy efficient and long lasting. Another option is opting for candlelit dinners, switching off the lights and enjoying the warm glow.

Open egg box with four egg shaped candles next to closed egg box
We Make Good – Beeswax egg-shaped candles

3. Invest resources

If you have access to a garden, Spring is the perfect time for your green fingers to work some magic. Should your garden be the local park, why not become a Guerilla gardener and sprinkle some wildflower seeds.

Pink, orange, yellow, blue wildflowers

4. Invest in learning

The topic of climate change and climate crisis can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. Learning where and how change is happening, can make it easier to understand how we can help. We recommend checking out these climate activists, making strides and sharing equitable information that aims to inform, support and activate change: Climate in Colour, Mikaela Loach, Chicks for Climate and Adapt.

5. Invest in sharing

Learnt a new climate fact, read an interesting Earth related article or recently discovered an enriching documentary about the planet? – share with a friend, colleague or neighbour. Maybe this will spark an idea for active change-making in your community.