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To Gift a Pair of Socks or Not?

Five individual colourful printed socks pegged to a washing line hanging outside with blue sky in the background

Enter the echelons of no-no gifting ideas, and socks likely sit high on the list. Somewhere near soap on a rope or breath mints?

When did a pair of feet warmers become blasé, we’re not sure. So we’re here to topple those tomes to how and what to gift, with three reasons why socks make for a splendid present to share.

1. Socks can make you smile

That may sound odd at first, until you stumble upon a fuzzy flamingo, masking your feet. Or a teddy bear enveloping your toes. A dash of silliness is bound to crack a smile from those on the receiving end.

Dog wearing yellow cheese print bandana sitting beside person wearing yellow cheese print socks
Uni & Nori Cheesy Bandana & Socks Matching Set

2. Socks come in all shapes and sizes

If there’s one thing we can agree on, we all have differing tastes. The great thing about socks – they too can cater to our varied preferences and sizes. Cute and frilly, practical and plain or wild and adventurous – there’s a pair of socks to fit both feet and character.

Left and right pink ankle socks with boobs illustrations and black toe and heel caps
The Spark Company Boobs Print Socks

3. Socks are versatile

Ribbed, silky or sporty – there is a style to fit all moods and personalities. While some sock options may seem too everyday, why not consider something with a touch of luxe. An unexpected detail or premium fabric, can go a long way in elevating that sock gifting game.

Five pairs of ribbed socks in green, blue, cream, navy, maroon
Bare Kind Ribbed Bamboo Socks Set

Feeling inspired to gift a pair of socks? Check out our selection of cool brands, doing a little more than just making socks:

  • Bare Kind – donate 10% of each sale to saving the animal on the sock
  • The Spark Company – smashing the patriarchy with feminist prints and supporting charities with a donation for every purchase
  • John’s Crazy Socks – a social enterprise run by John, a young man with Down syndrome, and his father. Spreading happiness through John’s love of fun socks.

Bare Kind Bamboo Socks New Collection