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The Best Way to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 #embraceequity

Two movie posters hanging above a red carpet at the Berlinale 2023, on the left an illustrated Berlinale poster and on the right Donna Summer holding a microphone and wearing a white ostrich feather cape

She works hard for the money

If you, like me, love music, you may recognise the above words from the chorus of Donna Summer’s 1983 hit “She works hard for the money”. Written in a flash of inspiration, following a Grammy Awards afterparty, Summer had met Onetta Johnson, a cloak room attendant working at a popular LA restaurant, Chasen’s. The image of the woman catching some Z’s sitting next to a tiny TV, struck the singer – this woman really works hard for her money. They got talking and yes, Johnson really worked hard for her money, balancing multiple jobs.

After leaving the party, Summer wrote the hook for the song and collaborated with her producer, creating an international hit and anthem for all womxn.

Not only a smash hit, “She works hard fo the money” stands true when analysing the gender pay gap. And indeed, statistics show, women and female identifying people earn less than their male counterparts. This International Women’s Day seeks to embrace equity and levelling the playing fields across genders.

In addition, we also wanted to highlight and bring awareness to the unsung heroes – the cleaners, carers, cloak room attendants and all womxn who care, clean and create better environments for all of us each and every day. These women are working exceptionally hard for their money just to make ends meet. Womxn also carry the bulk of the burden of domestic chores not only working full days and weeks, but returning home to cook, wash, clean and take care of children and other family members.

Chatting to a womxn who cleans a local office, I discovered this was one of 3 jobs she has and works a 7 day week. She noted how very tired she felt yet she was still making some time to exercise having found a deal for a nearby gym and we got chatting about workout ideas and tips. Whether writing, cleaning, caring or sharing, we all have something in common as womxn at work and home. I found the moment of meaningingful chat a timely reminder of the importance recognising and appreciating the hard work of those around us, as well as the importance of self care. The eternal relevance of Donna Summer’s hit song ringing true as ever.

“She works hard for the money
So hard for it, honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right”

While International Women’s Day is of course a day to #embraceequity and gender equality, I am particularly reminded that we are not only here to strengthen and promote ourselves, but those womxn around us. How might you show your appreciation for a hard working womxn in your life?

Share a good book? Offer a self care gift or something mind or body boosting? Or just take time to stop and ask, how are they doing today, and really listen and lean in.

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