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  • To Gift a Pair of Socks or Not?

    To Gift a Pair of Socks or Not?

    Enter the echelons of no-no gifting ideas, and socks likely sit high on the list. Somewhere near soap on a rope or breath mints? When did a pair of feet warmers become blasé, we’re not sure. So we’re here to topple those tomes to how and what to gift, with three reasons why socks make…

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  • Best Gift Ideas for your Cycle Buddy

    Best Gift Ideas for your Cycle Buddy

    Do you know someone training for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, why not gift them something race-y? Whether they’re a novice entering the race on a whim or a seasoned professional; there’s plenty healthy gift opportunities to keep your buddy motivated or get them excited for their spin around the Cape Peninsula. For the newbies…

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  • The Gift of Giving

    The Gift of Giving

    Why give gifts? Because, Giving is Good for You. Not only does giving help you feel good in the moment, scientific studies have shown that gifting or spending money on others can: Giving is especially good for your emotional wellbeing and happiness. Science demonstrates that the brain of a giver secretes neurochemicals that enhance mood,…

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