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How to get creative with cardboard for Global Recycling Day, 18 March 2023

blank advertising billboard with traces of previous paper posters

Thanks to one of my fave shoe brands, I found out today is Global Recycling Day. Recycling is just one of the many ways in which we can contribute to curtailing the profound effects of overconsumption. Another top tip: When shopping for items, look out for products created from mono materials (that being just one type of material such as paper, glass, plastic or fabric), as these are easier to sort and ultimately recycle.

While popping your recycling into the green bin may seem like the most obvious way to celebrate Global Recycling Day, we’ve assembled some creative ideas for reimagining the assortment of cardboard packaging that may be knocking about your home:

From cardboard milk carton to nifty takeaway coffee holder

Thanks to Driftwood Coffee for the inspiration, we love their ingenious use of empty oat milk cartons.

Two takeaway coffee cups held in an cardboard milk carton sitting on a bench in the sun

A unique puzzle made from cereal boxes

Have some fun creating your own puzzle, using an empty cardboard cereal box, pencil and scissors.

An instant instrument – turn your fave cereal box into a guitar

With the help of some tape, scissors and string you can create this cute recycled guitar.

Become an eco-warrior robot – clad in cardboard costume

Step up your cardboard creations to the ultimate level, and make your own robot suit.

The possibilities are endless, let us know if you have any ideas you’d like included in this list.