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How to celebrate World Animal Day on October 4th?

A herd of elephants

Today is World Animal Day, celebrated internationally on the feast day of Francis of Assisi – the patron saint of animals. World Animal Day advocates animal rights and welfare, and this year’s theme is: “Great or small, love them all”. No matter their size, number of toes, or whether they have scales for bones, all animals have the right to a healthy and happy existence.

How can we support animals this World Animal Day?

Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Meat-less Mondays, or generally consuming less meat and cow’s milk

Donate to a charity championing animal rights

Not sure where to start and feeling overwhelmed by which charity to support? We have a few recommendations:

Promote animal welfare best practices

Highlighted by World Animal Day, MPS or medical pet shirts are an encouraging alternative to E-collars or cones. Medical pet shirts have been found to be beneficial to stress reduction and overall recovery.

Share a good news animal welfare story

Recently I read that the African rhino population is increasing, and for white rhinos, the first increase in over a decade. This is so encouraging and a great triumph for conservationists and anti-poaching initiatives across the continent. If you’d like to receive more good news like this, subscribe to Future Crunch‘s weekly newsletter – good news, backed by facts.

We hope these ideas spark some inspiration on how to celebrate World Animal Day. Here’s to the animals, we love you all!

Polar bear sitting on its haunches with its right paw raised