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What to Gift the Person Who Has Everything?

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Gifting the Un-Giftable: A Gift Guide for the Person Who Has EVERYTHING

Oh, the trials and tribulations of finding a gift for the person who seemingly has it all. You know who we’re talking about – that friend or family member who casually mentions their spontaneous trip to the moon last weekend, while you’re still trying to figure out how to plan a staycation. Fear not, intrepid gift-givers! We’ve got you covered with our guide on what to gift the person who has EVERYTHING.

“Personalized Air” in a Can (or just a lovely fragrance): You know they’ve conquered every corner of the globe, so why not gift them the essence of travel itself? Presenting “Personalized Air” in a can! Fill it up with imaginary scents of their favourite places, like the crisp mountain air of the Swiss Alps or the salty breeze of the Caribbean beaches. It’s like a fragrance that teleports them to their dream destinations, all in one sniff!

Dinner and a Show: A timeless classic, the tried and tested gift that never fails to impress – “Dinner and a Show!” Picture this: a night of scrumptious delights, laughter, and entertainment, all rolled into one extravagant package. It’s like the ultimate combo deal of happiness, and one for the memory books.

A Donation in Their Honour: Show them that their heart of gold shines brighter than all the diamonds in the world. Make a donation to a cause close to their heart, whether it’s protecting wildlife, supporting the arts, or helping those in need. Remind them that their generosity is what truly makes them stand out.

The Gift of Choice: While gift vouchers may seem like an easy way out, a gift card to their favourite store or fitness studio can be a very thoughtful gift. They may have everything, but one more of their favourite cotton undies will surely be appreciated.

In the end, gifting the person who has everything is not about material possessions but about celebrating the uniqueness of your relationship. Embrace the humour, love, and kindness in your gift, and remember that it’s the thought that counts – even if that thought involves gifting them the air they breathe (sort of). Happy gifting, folks!