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Sober October: The Best Alternatives to your Fave Celebratory Drinks

Aerial view of wine glasses filed with red and rose wine

Tasty teetotaling alcohol free alternatives to share at your next event

Going sober has an endless list of advantages; no hangover, clear speech, sound judgment and just generally better health. Even reducing alcohol intake with a few non-alcohol options can help us keep the joys of social time rolling well into the day after. But when the festivities roll around it can feel tempting to ignore sober October and indulge in too much of the bubbles and fine wine. So here are some fun, ‘no-fall-down’ booze alternatives to enjoy at your next party.

  • Allure de-alcoholised sparkling wine, South Africa – close your eyes and this easily passes for a moussey MCC. Dry with a peachy finish, the Pinot Noir Chardonnay grapes are instantly recognisable. Add the delectable bubbles, and this is one to surprise and please even the most ardent of bubbly drinkers.
  • Bouche Kombucha, Germany – fermented refreshing goodness, Bouche brew the most delightful kombucha that packs a punch of flavour; making them the perfect compliment to many a meal and occasion. Dedicated to creating complex and exciting flavours, the team have carefully developed a unique fermentation process borrowing from beer brewing and wine pressing.
  • Lautus Savvy White (de-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc), South Africa – to the nose this gives crisp and refreshing and to the taste a dry and delicious light white wine. Exactly what you might expect from a Sauvignon Blanc, except without the threat of hangover the next day.
  • Guinness 0%, Ireland – the iconic taste without the headache. Guinness has triumphed at their alcohol free version, which hits the spot, matching all you want from the brew with its satisfying flavour and creamy head.
  • Devils Peak Hero, South Africa – for the beer drinkers out there, dare I say this tastes even better than the real deal. A firm favourite that packs a punch of flavour without the chemical aftertaste some other 0% beers present.
  • Savannah 0%, South Africa – all you expect and more from South Africa’s best cider; crisp, refreshing and lemon-y light.

You may ask, like I did, how these alternatives are made. And according to the depth of knowledge afforded to me by a quick google – for beers and wines, the process of reverse osmosis or vacuum distillation is used following the fermentation process. Removing the alcohol but keeping the flavour. For those with bubbles, these are then carbonated to add that characteristic sparkling zing. 

Cheers to that and zero booze-fuelled hangovers! 

* if you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol, please seek professional help from your doctor, local clinic or a support group. Alcohol addiction is a crippling disease but there is support and you don’t have to feel alone.